Three65 Spouting's Happy Customers Say 'Thank You"

Friday 21 December 2018, 2:04PM
By Beckie Wright

This is a good time of the year to look back and consider all the services you have performed for your customers, and it also doesn’t hurt to take a look at your Testimonial page on your website to consider the appreciation of your happy customers, as we can see below.

“I wish to state that the gentleman you sent to install the guttering was one of the most professional and politest tradesmen I have had the pleasure of coming across, ever. He worked diligently and consulted with me in a most informed manner. I was very pleased and would most gladly have him attend any of my properties in future.

“The service I received from yourself wa wonderful. You were on time for our initial meeting, you understood my requirements perfectly, acted in a most professiional manner and timely provided me with your quote. Maxine”

Dear Scott, Aaron and the Awesome Team, I have just made an internet payment and I hope the little bit extra gets you all a pie and/or  a beer. I cannot express enough how impressed I have been by your service, competence and commitment. What a ‘cut above the rest’ you guys truly are!!! S. Pauling.”

“Please accept my sincere appreciation – a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU! We are always quick to complain when things don’t go well, so I just want to say this. The two guys who represented for Three65 were communicative, pleasant and extremely professional. The quality of the work is really high, and I will, I am confident, solve the problem without breaking the bank.

“ The end result is really good and your company should be proud of such an excellent level of service. Well done. Already a friend has asked if I would recommend you guys. I have, and they will be in touch soon. D.Howard.”

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