Zen Detox Are Open 24/7 For Addiction Problems Over the Festive Season

Friday 21 December 2018, 2:12PM
By Beckie Wright

The holidays are a time of socialising, work parties, excessive amounts of food, celebration and inevitably drinking. Being sober can often lead these recovering alcoholics to feel left out, or it may be a painful reminder to them of the good old days. Throughout the rest of the year they may be surrounded socially by a sober community or are able to set limits and boundaries around how much time they spend in drinking situations. However, they may not be able to avoid these environments during this time of year. If you find yourself struggling over the festive season, remember that Zen Detox are open 24/7.

The holidays often a difficult time for addicts and their families, as, from festive parties to the stress of family get-togethers, the holidays are already an overwhelming time. But they can be especially difficult for those dealing with addiction. The problem with the holidays is that almost every event involves alcohol in some way; it's simply part of the culture. The temptation to drink or to get high can be hard to avoid.

For others, the holidays are a particularly lonely time, especially it their past problems with addiction left them estranged from family and friends, and that loneliness can serve as another reason to turn to drugs or alcohol again. For those in early recovery or who have made the choice to stop drinking, the trick to avoid relapsing is to make a plan for how you're going to get through the holidays.

If you have Christmas parties you need to attend, take along someone who is sober to help you avoid temptation, and have an exit strategy. Get there early, and leave before everyone becomes drunk. If you’re visiting family at Christmas and you know they like to drink, visit in the morning, and don’t forget that Zen Detox provide meetings during Christmas and New Year's, and many recovery groups will also host sober Christmas and New Year’s parties.

Finally, be honest with loved ones if you are having a hard time and let them know how to support you, and remember that ‘this too shall pass’ and that there is life after the holidays. No matter how you are feeling, just don’t drink, and for more information on rehab Auckland, rehab NZ and alcohol counselling please go to .