Crown Institute and Function Staff Brings Paid 'Internships' to Students

Friday 21 December 2018, 2:51PM
By Beckie Wright

For events like Christmas and beyond, staffing is a problem most businesses providing events support services encounter. A common problem would be the company finding itself undermanned or missing a few personnel for areas like the bar, the kitchen, or at the cashier counter.

Crown Institute has courses in Auckland that allows students to gain valuable experience while working at various events. Crown grants students guaranteed work while they study in a hotel course. The experience gained is just as important as the lessons learned, where the students gain valuable insider information they can use for a future in the hospitality industry or other similar work.

Consider the Spark Arena, which has a collection of events lined up from December through January. Similarly, a number of events are also happening at the Sky City Auckland Convention Center. The size of these events requires the help of staffing and other personnel with training from hospitality courses. Crown Institute gives students the opportunity of a lifetime—to gain actual work experience from professionals in the industry—via the “study-and-work” program.

This program also gives students further education by applying theories to practice, such as training in different skills needed for various services, particularly in customer service. What’s more, the work the students put in is paid. In partnership with Function Staff, among others, students also gain sound career advice and get pointers on how to ace future job interviews.

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