City Sales' Latest Apartment Report

Wednesday 9 January 2019, 7:28PM
By Beckie Wright

2018 has not been an easy one for many, with taxes, regulations and fees coming from all angles, and City Sales don't blame their clients for asking 'what's going to be next?'. The popular prognosis is – nothing anytime soon. Banks and Economists are typically pushing their predictions as verbatim and the Reserve Bank Governor has said the prospects of slipping further could well be a reality.

As Martin Dunn, City Sales’ Managing Director explains, “One thing's for sure and that is - markets rise and fall. Something every buyer and every seller needs to accept. When will it rise again? No one can say for sure but it doesn't look to be on the horizon any time soon.

“My advice to sellers in times like this is not to wait, only to get the same or lower price six months down the line. Life doesn't wait so move now. We are still bringing in some fantastic sale prices across the city and city fringe. For buyers - buy again, like NOW while everyone else is still confused. There are some brilliant deals out there and I don't want you to look back in three years and wish you had have when you didn't”.

Martin has been preaching all along - the MACRO view of Auckland, that whilst things like sentiment are influences in our market, we are not the same as Sydney or Melbourne but hold a unique micro market of our own.

Martin has recently been made a ‘Fellow’ of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, as he allows, “An extraordinary honour”.

Finally, for what the future holds in 2019 – looming threats of capital gains tax, ring fencing losses, prohibition of rent fees, punitive bank lending, Sydney market headlines and the ‘Dance of the LVRS’, so for more information on Auckland property management, property management Auckland, studio apartments and real estate agents Auckland please go to .