Tony Allen Auto Service Performs Warrants of Fitness Inspections for all Vehicle Types

Wednesday 30 January 2019, 10:49AM
By John Van


A Warrant of Fitness is essential for any vehicle on New Zealand roads. This health-check, whether it’s for a car or other vehicle type, is a must-have at regular intervals. It is during this test that any issues with a vehicle will be detected and the proper steps can be recommended for a fix to be made.

Staying safe while driving is the utmost goal of any good WoF provider. As such an important step in vehicle ownership, it’s crucial to have this check-up performed by a trusted provider. In South Auckland, this provider is often selected to be Tony Allen Auto Service.

Warrants of Fitness are required either once or twice a year, depending on the vehicle. This is usually dictated by the age or type of the vehicle in question. Keeping up to date with a warrant of fitness maintains the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Tony Allen Auto Service or TAAS provide valid Warrants of Fitness to vehicles from their Manukau based service centre. As licensed mechanics with substantial industry experience, their team is highly competent in inspections with the latest tools and facilities to comprehensive tackle each motor vehicle.

Tony Allen Auto Service delivers WoF check-ups for all types of cars, light commercial vehicles, trailers, horse floats, caravans and motorhomes. With extensive expertise, you can rely on their skills to maintain the safety of your vehicle until it’s time for its next visit.

If it is time for your next Warrant of Fitness and you are based in Auckland, Tony Allen Auto Service welcomes you to visit them at their shop or contact them through their website,

Bookings for a WoF with the TAAS team can be made online or by calling 0800 100 876