Jam-Packed January at Stardome

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:24AM
By Beckie Wright

Dinosaurs’ Rock – Summer School Holiday Fun! On first thought it may seem like there’s no link between dinosaurs and space…but how did the dinosaurs die? BOOM! CRASH! A giant rock from space! These school holidays, Stardome are looking at the geological event of astronomical proportions that caused the dinosaurs’ ‘last day’ on Earth.

Get along to Stardome for interactive dinosaur experiments, activities and crafts in the Space Room. Then, head outside (if the weather is fine) and launch water-powered rockets. Luckily, no dinosaurs will be harmed during take-off!

Finish the dino-discovery off in the planetarium. You’ll catch the 360-degree planetarium show ‘Dinosaurs at Dusk’ and discover how the origins of flight actually come from the dinosaurs. Join Lucy and her father as they navigate their way across the globe, meeting dinosaur characters along the way, some of whom are the ancestors of modern-day birds. You’ll even witness first-hand the rock that wiped the dinosaurs out for good!

Bookings essential. Weekdays, 14 – 25 January, 10am, 12pm & 1pm.  Suitable 5-12 years. $10 Adults, $12 Child. .

Summer Stories in the Sky

If you have slightly older children, or if you loved Dinosaurs’ Rock so much and want to keep coming back for more during the school holidays, then the Summer Stories in the Sky show is for you!

Astronomy can sometimes be a hard concept to grasp. It’s intangible, riddled with scientific language and often brushed aside as a ‘boring’ science topic. Not anymore. Summer Stories in the Sky is one of the four-part series, which brings astronomy and the night sky to life by introducing visitors to the ancient myths and legends hidden in the stars.

Both the young and the young-at-heart will learn about the art and science of stargazing through the use of fantastic Greek and Māori characters. Narrated by Lucy Lawless and John Rhys-Davies, visitors will not only delve into the myths and legends behind the constellations visible in the season of their visit, but they will also learn what a constellation is, how they are used for astronomical purposes and where the names of planets come from.

The series aims to bring excitement to astronomy, stargazing and ancient storytelling in a stellar adventure for all ages.

Bookings essential. Weekdays, 14 – 25 January, 3pm. Suitable 6+ years. $12 Adults, $10 Child. .

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