New Year, New Accountant: Improve your Financial Year with GoFi8ure

Friday 1 February 2019, 1:01PM
By Beckie Wright

With the New Year coming around, people are thinking about resolutions. ‘Getting the books in order’ might not be most people’s first thought, but it’s something many business owners should seriously consider. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to hire an accountant for mapping out the company’s finances for the upcoming year.

Going into the new year, it’s best to think about creating a steady stream of finances and having someone to do proper tax return calculation for you - it can make the difference between a good year or a bad one.

Getting a new accountant has a number of benefits you may not be aware of, such as access to cutting-edge accounting apps and systems. Keeping your accounting updated is the best way to stay ahead of the curve, and an accountant well trained in handling cloud-based systems or new apps is a big asset.

The new year is also a new time to review expenses and refine cash flow. Hiring an accounting firm to do the books for the business allows for a thorough breakdown of where the company can improve—what expenses to forego, which paths to divert the cash flow to, and how to generally keep the business afloat by allocating resources to areas with the opportunity for more profit.

It’s the best time for taking your company to even greater heights. With solid bookkeeping, an updated forecast, and clear-cut goals, your company can achieve greater success than you ever thought possible.

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