What was one of Sign Foundry's highlight of 2018? The Fire and Emergency NZ fleet rebrand

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:09PM
By Beckie Wright

When it comes to custom car wraps and signage, emergency service vehicles have some special considerations. This isn’t a graphically intense decal, designed to showcase a loudly spoken coffee brand – it’s about robust usability and resonance with the NZ public.

As a country we collectively hold our emergency services in high regard, and for a good reason. They do the tough work; all the heavy lifting and save-your-life stuff the rest of us can’t. At Sign Foundry, the pride was all theirs, when Fire and Emergency NZ (FENZ) reached out to partner on the fleet rebrand job. They choose Sign Foundry for their extensive experience with emergency fleet branding, and nationwide presence.

The goal of the rebrand for Fire and Emergency NZ was to showcase the deep change in how emergency services work in modern-day New Zealand. With it FENZ hoped to resonate more deeply with the NZ public, as well as roll out region-specific fire livery which reflected local culture.

For Sign Foundry the biggest change was around removing Chevron markings, replacing them with a new larger Battenberg style, across New Zealand within a set time frame. Additionally, on some trucks, a white, high-vis poutama were wrapped around the front edges of the firetruck. The te reo word for fire, ahi adorns the front of the truck, alongside the English word.

Sign Foundry took care to understand the different needs of emergency vehicles – they needed to be durable, tough, and visible in even the most inclement weather. Unlike a car wrap designed to showcase the lines of a vehicle, livery for fire engines had to be based on a sound understanding of their needs. The process also had to be streamlined, consistent and co-ordinated, as the new graphic kits continue to be installed across FENZ’s nationwide fleet.

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