A Space Solution For Every Need With Pencarrow Cabins

Friday 1 February 2019, 2:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Tiny homes are becoming all the rage as people look for alternative housing options in unaffordable property market, and Pencarrow Cabins have the answer with their comfortable, stylish and affordable cabins, with options to rent or buy. You may need a home office, a place for family to stay, or perhaps you are looking to generate a rental income; Pencarrow Cabins have cabins to suit every situation and budget.

You can choose from their range of architecturally designed cabins, specially built for New Zealand conditions. Easily transportable, from a self-contained studio to a two bedroom  home, these cabins are styish and functional, with the three largest cabins featuring kitchenettes and bathrooms.  With the addition of a deck, you can configure your cabins to suit your property.

Pencarrow Cabins are constructed from the highest quality materials and are 100% New Zealand made, and are an affordable alternative to costly renovations, building or moving. They are double glazed, fully insulated, warm dry and quiet, and built to last and designed for maximum comfort.

They are built to the current New Zealand Building Code, using quality New Zealand timber and materials. However, regulations around Tiny Houses in New Zealand fall under a certain grey area at the moment. The first Tiny Houses in Auckland have council consent and fortunately the councils around the country seem to be taking a very progressive stance, viewing them as something that is necessary in our current housing climate.

The micro-home phenomenon is taking off around the world. As cities grapple with growing populations, scarcity of land and rising house prices, many believe tiny homes are the solution, so to find out more about cabin rentals, cabins for sale and tiny homes please go to .