Some Great Tips From Commercial Traders When Moving Your Business

Tuesday 5 February 2019, 3:27PM
By Beckie Wright

If you are planning on moving in early January or even February it would pay to add at least three weeks to your plans. Certain products and services may be supplied by businesses that are closed over this period which can cause significant delays in the new year.

Moving is consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life experiences, as taking all that you own and moving it in a day or two requires a huge amount of planning and stamina. When combined with the loss of income and cost of wages the anxiety levels are multiplied. However, moving can provide a great opportunity to make changes that weren’t possible or have been overlooked in your current location. Some of the big ones are office layout and I.T.

If you are cloud based, moving your business systems to cloud based solutions could make the move a lot easier as your business won’t be held up while complicated servers are reconnected or employees could work from home while the office is taking shape. Also, it is often best to have moving day on a day that your business is traditionally closed. Otherwise, long weekends can give you a bit of extra breathing space, but could cost more in wages if you are working on a public holiday.

Whether you use movers or do it yourself can have a big bearing on how easy the move is. If you have the staff and resources it can be easier to do it yourself to have more control over the event and to move in stages. However, if you don’t have the resources or your staff can create more value for the business working off site then you would be well served by calling in the professionals.

Don’t forget to list all physical and digital marketing materials that will need updating. This includes stationery, company letterhead, websites, brochures, company cars, plus new building signage. Also talk to your printer and design professional about options, and if you are in a prominent location or have a lot of foot traffic then organise appropriate signage now for your existing building to let people know you are moving. You should also look to change all outgoing communications e.g e-mail signature and posted invoices to inform your customers and suppliers that you are moving.

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