All Round Safety Provide First Aid Kits For Every Emergency

Thursday 7 February 2019, 1:41PM
By Beckie Wright

All Round Safety’s First Aid Kits are assembled in New Zealand and are designed to meet the varying demands of the industries and activities here in New Zealand, Civil Defence emergency Kits, Personal First Aid Kits and larger kits for the workplace. They are very well priced and do not skimp on the contents of first aid items and wound care products.

Their First Aid kits will help you to meet health and safety requirements for your industry, and meet the Department of Labour’s ‘First Aid for Workplaces Good Practice Guide’ recommendations. The law states that every business and place of work, including company vehicles, must provide immediate access to an adequate first aid kit. All Round Safety’s first aid kits far exceed the legal requirements and are available in several different sizes.

Some of the worst and most severe First aid accidents or emergencies happen on industrial work places where the worker finds himself closest to injury, and All Round Safety’s range of industrial work place first aid kits are packed with strong medical and first aid items to help with most first aid incidents. 

All Round Safety's range of Industrial and Commercial Workplace First Aid Kits are packed and assembled with first aid items that every business or place of work are obliged to provide. Their first aid kits contain high quality products and at the same time, are cost effective.

Burns and Burn injuries can be some of the most traumatic wounds and it is essential to deal with burns as soon as possible. Having a Help-it Burns first aid kit on hand, filled with not only high quality Gel soaked burn dressings and Burn Gel products, but also many of the other standard first aid items is essential in a first aid or emergency kit.

Similarly, their range of eyewash kitsand eye wash stations contains sterile eye solutions and eye dressings for any eye emergencies. These kits and stations are wall mountable and can be mounted within workplace where it can be easily accessed, so for more information on John Bull boots, safety shops Auckland, safety equipment suppliers and protective clothing please go to .