enableMe's Personal Financial Trainers Will Help You Get Ahead in 2019

Tuesday 26 February 2019, 6:55PM
By Beckie Wright

Hannah McQueen’s enableMe programme has helped thousands of Kiwis grow their wealth and get ahead over the past decade, and the new year is a good time for you to contact Hannah and the team to help you to get ahead in 2019. If you run a business you’ll be very aware of keeping an eye on expenses and reviewing your budget, but do you apply these rules to your domestic affairs?

Most of us know we need to earn enough to pay the mortgage and the other ‘necessities’ needed to run a household, but further than that, it’s a bit of a “she’ll be right” approach to our money. However, as we all work so hard these days, we actually deserve to make more progress with our finances.

The financial advisors at enableMe want to help you this year to aim at saving 20% of your income, year in, year out with their tailored financial strategies. They advise that you check how much you are paying to the bank; it’s probably too much, so that needs to be addressed. Similarly, with your mortgage, if your debt is four times your household income, you should aim to pay it off in eight years. If it's five times your household income they recommend you aim for 10-12 years.

This is definitely not New Zealand’s average, but it is what enableMe’s financial personal trainers aim for with their clients, so they won’t end up leading a very average life. enableMe can help you get ahead FAST in 2019, so let them help you nail two resolutions in one - sorting your finances and your diet! Book a discounted consultation ($150 + GST), or refer a friend before Febrary 28th and you could win a family meal kit for three months! Ts & Cs apply.

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