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Baxters Catering Sets the Standard for Corporate Catering

Monday 4 March 2019, 6:58PM
By Beckie Wright

Baxters Catering is proud to provide the highest quality corporate catering Wellington can offer. With comprehensive, high quality catering, Baxters Catering specialises in corporate events, barbeques, and spit roasts. They have also built a reputation as Wellington’s most accommodating catering service, customising special menus to meet the needs of their satisfied corporate clients.

Baxters Catering offers a wide variety of services for corporate events, and can accommodate groups of all sizes, from 40 to 2,000, with competitively priced packages for groups of more than 100 people. Services include lunch menus, morning and afternoon tea, and cakes, among many others. For evening events and more formal occasions, Baxters Catering offers corporate tapas, canapes, and platters, along with bar staff and glass hire. Baxters Catering also offers excellent corporate breakfast catering, an enticing option for corporate functions that may seek to take advantage of Wellington’s beautiful summer mornings.

All Baxters Catering’s corporate catering services boast more than just excellent food. Baxters offers total and reliable service from meticulously selected staff who go above and beyond to provide the most accommodating and delicious experience that any Wellington catering service could offer. Baxters Catering’s thorough approach to catering allows business owners and corporate hosts to remain focused on their clients, staff, and business partners.

Baxters Catering is preceded by its reputation, having previously been hired to cater such prestigious events as the Wings over Wairarapa Festival of the Elements and Government House open days. For any corporate event, any time of day, any day of the week, Baxters Catering delivers the goods. If you have an upcoming corporate event in Wellington, don’t hesitate. Contact Baxters Catering for all your corporate catering needs!

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