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KiwiCig Release New Product

Monday 4 March 2019, 7:35PM
By Beckie Wright

The KiwiPod N1 Taste Dit is the latest addition to KiwiCig’s line of high quality vapes. With a 400mAh battery, you will not run out of charge for one to two days, depending on your usage. KiwiPod N1 is good for 350+ puffs, which is also the number of puffs each Pod will last. These highly technologically advanced small batteries are also designed with protection against overcharge, short circuit and overheating, and can be charged more than 500 times.

They know you will want to try a few flavours at the same time, so in this pack they have included a total of three interchangeable disposable 1.6ml PODs. These Pods have in them the more advanced and exceptionally smooth Nicotine Salt E liquid that can be consumed at upto 35mg of Nicotine content with the lowest Nicotine bite. This helps keep you satisfied longer with fewer puffs !! The magnetic charger makes sure you can always snap it on the correct way ‘on the go’ with ease.

KiwiCig’s customers are already giving them amazing feedback on the super elegant package and build quality of the product and the included leather case overall makes it a very nice gift package for yourself or Christmas gift for someone else.


N1 Taste Kit includes :

1x battery

3x disposable pods (Pure Tobacco + Menthol Tobacco + Gummy Candy)

1x magnetic USB charging cable

1x leather pouch

1x user manual


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