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Stylish Living in Pencarrow Cabins' Small Houses

Monday 11 March 2019, 8:35PM
By Beckie Wright

Lifestyle predictions for the next ten years are to live simpler and within one’s means, which means the tiny house movement has taken root and is thriving in New Zealand. Rather than indulgent, personal projects, the need for small and perfectly formed spaces is becoming an economic necessity, pushing designers to go further with less.

The result is a movement that is really about the changing lifestyle trend of easier, healthier and cleaner living.  Think about what it would be like to dedicate your spare time to family, sports, travel and the activities of your choice instead of spending time and money on home-keeping.

In New Zealand, more companies are building tiny houses, mostly bespoke and customised, and a Pencarrow Cabins’ house is built with the highest quality materials, and is made to last. The spaces we live in matter as they can make our lives easier, healthier, better and more enjoyable, and every living space, temporary or permanent should be warm, dry and comfortable and most of all affordable.

Pencarrow Cabins saw a way to do things differently, to respond to people’s changing needs for housing in a way that is faster, less stressful, more flexible and, most importantly, cheaper. This is how they came up with quality accommodation that is portable, affordable and comfortable.

Pencarrow Cabins’ small houses emphasise design over size, utilise dual purpose features and multi-functional furniture, and incorporate technological advances of space saving equipment and appliances. Vertical space optimisation is also a common feature of small houses, and Pencarrow Cabins’ small houses give people an affordable way to create healthy, happy living spaces that don’t compromise on quality or style.

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