Franklin Engineering Performs Cylinder Head Remanufacturing in Pukekohe

Friday 15 March 2019, 11:54AM
By John Van


Longevity and durability are primary concerns for anybody looking to service their cylinder head for an engine. As one of the most important parts of a machine, cylinder head remanufacturing must be performed with expertise, to ensure functional, long-term operation.

Franklin Engineering utilises in-house, state of the art technology to completely remanufacture cylinder heads for their clients. Based in Pukekohe, their team of experienced engineers provide this service with an emphasis on consistency in every job they take on.

Franklin Engineering is known around New Zealand for an exceptional approach to engine reconditioning. As a local business, their reputation is the bread and butter of the entire company, working with the wider community to guarantee safe and reliable machine operation.

The cylinder head remanufacturing process at Franklin Engineering involves a complete dismantle and inspection, crack detection, testing, assembly and replacement. During the entire process, steps are taken to prioritise total reassurance for the customer. With Franklin Engineering stating; “We understand that the cylinder heads we remanufacture for our clients are fitted to their front line equipment, and they are not simply remanufactured for extended use, but are remanufactured back to ‘0’ hours so as to expect maximum service life”, anybody choosing to go with their services is in good hands.

Franklin Engineering is able to be contacted online via their website; Open six days a week, Franklin Engineering welcomes phone, email and online enquiries.