Treesafe Provides 24/7 Call Out Responses for Tree Emergencies in Auckland

Tuesday 26 March 2019, 12:11PM
By John Van


In New Zealand, and particularly Auckland, tree emergencies can cause major delays on our roads and highways. This, in combination with our susceptibility to major weather events, can be a recipe for disaster if the right back-up plan isn’t set-up. For this reason, Treesafe delivers emergency storm clean-up services in their local area at all hours, any day of the year.

With the ability to tackle even the largest of trees, these trained and certified arborists are highly capable and relied on by councils and private residents to solve urgent tree issues. Treesafe rosters staff on-call during extreme weather events and maintains constant communication with clients to always keep them in the loop.

The disruptions caused by a fallen tree or branch can be extremely stressful for every individual involved. It’s the combination of knowledge, skill and experience that allows Treesafe to safely handle all emergency tree felling situations.

Treesafe encourages anyone requiring emergency tree removal in Auckland to get in contact with them by phone on 0800 873 3769. Treesafe also provides services across all arboricultural needs, which further information is available about on their website: