Digital Smile Design Improves Your Smile at Naenae Dental Clinic

Friday 29 March 2019, 1:32PM
By Beckie Wright

If you have ever felt self-conscious about your teeth, or just want to improve your smile, a smile makeover may be your answer. Cosmetic dentistry has become very popular within the last several years as people are becoming more and more focused on improving their overall health and smile aesthetics. As time goes on, technology has evolved and with this dentists are able design your entire smile with ease and precision.


The prospect of changing the appearance of your teeth can be a frightening one. How do you know what the teeth will look like? How do you know that the dentist has the same ‘vision’ for your teeth as you do? How do you know what’s possible? How do you know what’s ideal? That’s where digital smile design comes in.


Digital smile design is a method by which your dentist can simulate a new smile over a digital photo of your current smile. This allows him to show you the results that hecan achieve with various dental treatments before you proceed. Digital smile design can assist you with deciding between your different treatment options, and it also helps your dentist plan your treatment for an ideal result.


At Naenae Dental Clinic Digital Smile Design is a modern conceptual design tool that they use to enhance the communication between dentist and patient. DSD allows for a virtual smile design to be created on a computer and this end result shown to you! This also allows them 3D print and trial your new smile and give you insight to what can be achieved with smile cosmetics.


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