BDO Introduces 'Switch Season' to Help Clients Maximise Their Move to Cloud

Monday 1 April 2019, 2:13PM
By Beckie Wright

Tax, audit and accounting firm (can we include advisory?) – BDO – has introduced a new campaign called ‘Switch Season’. Switch Season is BDO’s initiative to urge clients to make the switch and upgrade to a better accounting solution.


The campaign will focus on helping clients throughout the whole process of their transition to the cloud. BDO plans to do this through optimising clients’ accounting systems as well as amplifying them with apps and add-ons.


Switch Season’ is part of BDODrive - a series of tools and resources specifically designed to enable clients to do better business with the use of cloud technology, and provide them with the tools to harness this technology.


Whether clients are starting out, growing up or looking ahead, BDODrive allows them to have knowledge on maximising and navigating the add-ons suitable for their business. Switch Season will be a tool that reinforces BDODrive ’s goal to deliver effective, streamlined processes.


All these initiatives are aimed at strengthening BDO’s advisory offerings, and to battle “so-what syndrome,” as termed by Adam Davy, BDO’s Head of Advisory and Director of Innovation.


You can’t just get to the cloud and say, OK, that’s done – you have to find the best way to get to that next level.


BDO understands that moving to the cloud can be a confusing process for businesses, but not with the right help and assistance. Through the ‘Switch Season’ campaign, clients get full support from BDO, as they will provide assistance at every stage of the clients’ move to the cloud.


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