Leading Mortgages and Home Loans from Max Loans for Tomorrow's Home Owners

Wednesday 1 May 2019, 1:28PM
By Beckie Wright

With a vast range of tools at their disposal, Max Loans are setting the standard among New Zealand private lenders for home loans and mortgages. Using state-of-the-art systems to meet the individual needs of borrowers and make real-time adjustments to available mortgage rates and terms, Max Loans have established themselves as an indispensable resource for New Zealand home buyers.

Max Loans boast an experienced panel of lenders offering professional and objective advice to help borrowers explore their financial options and make informed decisions.

Recent data from the Commission for Financial Capability makes clear that homeowners are in a position of greater financial independence after retirement than those with ongoing mortgage or rent payments, reinforcing the need for the next generation of potential homeowners to invest wisely when considering buying a home.

While only about 13% of New Zealanders over the age of 65 making mortgage payments in some form, that figure could nearly double in the coming years, given the number of Kiwis between the ages of 55 and 64 who still have a mortgage.

The financial professionals at Max Loans negotiate on their clients’ behalf. Because they are not restricted to a single bank or a narrow range of products, Max Loans can make impartial recommendations across a broad network of major lenders and products.

Max Loans understands the circumstances that give rise to a need for a loan. Everyone’s situation is different, but everyone always wants a lender who will listen and put in the hard work to guarantee the best possible results. This is what makes Max Loans one of the most trusted names in mortgages and home loans in New Zealand.

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