Digital LED Signs From Digital Signs Popping Up Everywhere

Monday 6 May 2019, 6:46PM
By Beckie Wright

We've all seen the proliferation of digital signage popping up in retail outlets, department stores and gas stations everywhere. You know, the ubiquitous screens that range in size anywhere from the small display screen right above the gas pump to the big, LCD monitors that overhang the aisles in department stores and big retailers. Ever increasingly, or so it seems, we see these digital signs running messages outside store doors, in parking lots, office lobbies and train stations, between product shelves inside stores and mostly, perhaps most most effectively, near checkout counters in both small and large retailers.

It seems that digital signage is popping up wherever we, as consumers, have time on our hands while we are busy doing other things - or, even better, not doing other things. Whether it is a few minutes while we are occupied filling our gas tank, or for many minutes - that can seem to stretch into hours - while we patiently (or impatiently) wait our turn in a medical office, nowadays it is typical that we can just turn our heads and tune into a stream of news, sports scores, financial tips and human interest pieces that entertain us, while what draws our eye is interspersed with focused advertising that delivers an advertiser's message. 

With innovative, entertaining content planning and well thought-out positioning, most customers will actually pay attention to strategically placed digital displays, and will be receptive to the content and messages that are delivered. Unlike static posters and standup displays, digital advertising software gives the customer a dynamic experience. An almost endless number of messages can be played on it, and unlike human salespeople, it never gets exhausted and does not commit the faux pas that a tired seller who has spent a tiring day with demanding customers might.

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