Trust Property Management on Why You May Need a New Property Manager

Monday 6 May 2019, 7:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Unbelievably, some tenants sub let to Airbnb, so a good tenancy agreement will ensure that sub-letting your digs is not allowed, and help to protect your rights as a landlord. A good property manager will make sure that tenants play by the rules. If your property manager isn’t regularly communicating with you about your property, if you are not receiving an updated property inspection report once every three months, if you haven’t seen photos of your property in a long time, it’s time to improve the service you are receiving.

At Trust Property Management you have access to up to date information about your property 24/7. You simply log on to their client portal and the most recent information will be available to you.

Have you heard of the Healthy Homes Bill? Do you know what it says? Is your property manager preparing your home for the new standards required under this important piece of legislation? Don’t know? Or unsure? You need to know, and your property manager should be planning with you to make sure your property not only meets the insulation requirements under the Healthy Homes Act, but importantly that you can prove the standard of insulation in your investment property. This kind of proactive work is what you pay them for.

The compliance regime is getting more complicated and tenant letting fees are about to be abolished. Media stories about problem tenants abound, and we’ve all seen how difficult it is to chase tenants through the tenancy courts. It all feels too hard.

You don’t need to sell – you need a decent property manager. Yes, obligations are changing, the Residential Tenancies Act is under review and as with any compliance regime will continue to change over time. A specialist Property Manager will keep on top of your compliance requirements because that’s their job.

Trust Property Management offers no obligation, hassle free advice on residential investment properties. They are not financial advisers but have almost 20 years’ experience in the Wellington residential property market.

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