The Benefits of Live Onsite Managers at Nelson Mini Storage

Friday 10 May 2019, 2:10PM
By Beckie Wright

Having a resident manager is quite rare in the self storage industry, which is why Nelson Mini Storage is finding it to be a big plus for their customers, as it is great for service out of hours and of course for security. Most often, owners hire a married couple—with each person working variable amounts and and dividing responsibilities for office work and maintenance.

Typically, an on-site apartment is provided for the manager (with utilities included). If council laws don’t permit on-site housing, some facility owners purchase nearby homes or apartments for the manager’s use.

Due to increasingly capable security technology, automation technology such as kiosks, more capable self storage websites, and call centers, resident manager jobs have been slowing declining over the past decade, as many storage facility owners no longer feel the need to have a manager living on site. This is where Nelson Mini Storage is ahead of the game.

Most of the advantages of hiring resident managers are straight-forward.

For example, someone is always on call and on site to deal with problems quickly at all hours. Customers have an added sense of security, as the difficulty of breaking into the facility undetected is higher than at a facility with non-resident managers.

Further, resident managers live and work at the facility, increasing their motivation to keep it in good shape. Their sense of pride in facility and affinity to the storage brand that they represent is greater as well, since it is where they live and work, making it a good way to acquire better storage manager talent. Offering to cover most living expenses in a great perk, which will draw in quality applicants.

Lastly, the employee turnover rate is likely lower because of how tied resident managers' lives are to the job, so for more information on residential storage Nelson, secure storage Nelson and backpacker storage Nelson please go to .