Hydrolysed Collagen for Relieving Joint Pain

Tuesday 14 May 2019, 6:56PM
By Beckie Wright

Collagen is more than just another health community buzzword – it is an essential protein found in our many parts of our bodies, including our hair, nails, skin, and joints, and is responsible for a host of functions. Unfortunately, our body’s natural supply of collagen gradually decreases as we age, which is why collagen supplementation has become so widespread.

People with joint problems, in particular, have increasingly relied on hydrolysed collagen supplementation to relieve joint pain and support overall joint health. Hydrolysed collagen is specially used, as it is a broken-down form of the protein and is easier for our bodies to absorb.

There’s plenty of promising research that supports the positive effects of collagen supplementation on joint health. For example, a 24-week study conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Sports Nutrition for Athletics at Penn State University, Pennsylvania, tested the effects of hydrolysed collagen on athletes’ cartilage tissue. They evaluated joint health parameters including joint pain, mobility and inflammation. The research revealed that joint pain improved for the athletes who were treated with dietary supplement of hydrolysed collagen – both during rest and when their joints were doing work. 

Another study conducted in Barcelona, Spain on 250 subjects showed that there was a significant improvement in knee joint comfort as assessed by visual analogue pain scales and the Womac pain subscale. Those who ate the least amount of meat or consumed less protein benefited the most.

If you’re planning on trying collagen supplementation to support joint health, choose hydrolysed collagen or collagen peptides for superior absorption and note any other ingredients such as vitamin C that can help improve overall health.

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