Showcase Your Property with Experts from HomeStaged

Thursday 30 May 2019, 12:25PM
By Beckie Wright

Designer and Wellington home staging specialist Megan Hand of HomeStaged says her company has the expertise that is required to show any property in the best possible light to facilitate a quick sale. Their goal is to get the best outcome for the property owner and real estate agent.

“If you’re selling a house, working with a home stager can make a huge difference to the whole process”, says Megan Hand. “Unless you’re a natural born designer with a surplus of time on your hands, it’s a good idea to let a professional take the home staging work off your hands.”

HomeStaged takes the stress out of dressing up a home for a sale. Professional home staging experts from Wellington HomeStaged can make that crucial difference in presentation. They are able to take a home that has been sitting on the market with limited views, and provide it a fresh new perspective.

HomeStaged offers an affordable customised home staging service to anyone selling a property. They can tailor styling and design services to all types of properties without breaking the bank. To cater to all the budgets the company offers full and partial home staging services.

In choosing HomeStaged clients will deal with one point of contact from start to finish ensuring that nothing is missed and they will get a tailor made staging style specific to the property.

Designer Megan Hand and her team service Wellington and its neighbouring suburbs. “The benefit of hiring a home stager is that they have a plethora of furniture to hire out that is consistently on trend. People are more comfortable looking at brand new, never used furnishings that look like what they wish they could have in their home,” she says,

HomeStaged ensures buyers are attracted to the property with new furnishings and accessories. “These will fill the house with a dream and take potential buyers away from reality. This is a really effective technique and will reflect how much interest you get with a home stager in the picture,” says Megan.

Home staging, or any kind of interior design, is not an easy task and it definitely isn’t something that can be picked up quickly. It takes training and practice and involves colour theory, spatial arrangements and other techniques.

Home stagers are trained to understand buyer psychology and implement it into the home stage design, says Megan. Her team uses different styles of furniture depending on the target market – young first home buyers or older couples, for example. They know the real estate market is constantly changing, and understand the kind of people who are in the buying market. 

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