Well Designed Homes the Object For Rangitahi Project

Thursday 30 May 2019, 5:36PM
By Beckie Wright

The Rangitahi Project would like to contribute to Raglan growing in an organic way, with great respect for the natural environment. They do not want Raglan become another suburb of Hamilton but a thriving community in itself, with a growing economy. 

The project hasn’t selected architects, but has fostered lots of interest from designers and architects alike, who are keen to participate in the project, where they like the idea that they could design a home there that will sit alongside well-designed homes, which have a little bit more thought and care put into them.

Rangitahi has aligned with the growing number of co-living overseas, based on sustainable living and mutually supported communities, and for New Zealand, the co-operated housing development could rouse real change. It is definitely a new way of thinking for the Kiwi culture, but we have to realise that four acre blocks just aren’t affordable any more.

The Rangitahi team believe that living on less land and being clever with architecture can create privacy and enjoyable spaces to live in. Raglan has a very supportive and collaborative community, so the project is growing on that same vibe.

It’s been noted that with co-operative schemes such as these, the difficulty comes down the line, where for whatever reason incumbent residents have to move on and be replaced with new ones, and the question is how Rangitahi will manage and ensure continuity. There will always be the odd resale when people's circumstances change, but the development has attracted a really great community who are very excited about building their dream home and lifestyle on the peninsula.

People who live more sustainably and are more aware of their effect on the environment are drawn to Raglan. They want to have a lesser footprint on the earth, and there is a lot of support there to help with that lifestyle, regardless of whether they buy land on the peninsula or not.

Additionally, the development will see the creation of various community services, such as cafés, boutique shops, office spaces, and additional ‘mixed-use’ spaces, including a public park, community gardens, and access to Rangitahi walking tracks around the peninsula.

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