Snap Printing Agree Business Cards Are Still an Asset in Today's Networking World

Friday 31 May 2019, 12:19PM
By Beckie Wright

Before you think about going completely digital, just remember business cards are still an asset in today's networking world. What better way to tell someone what you do and how to contact you than with a business card? They are like ‘mini billboards’ promoting your business. Used properly and designed well, a well printed business card can bring in a lot of business.


Advertising and printing experts say that your business card needs to work as hard as you do, and this powerful business tool needs quality printing. If you think about how many times you hand out your business information to potential clients, contacts and friends of friends, you realise how powerful they are as a business tool. In fact, the best business cards become the backbone of any good stationery suite.  Snap believe that business cards are not just a stock, standard item. Everyone is different and every company is different, and your business card should reflect your personality and your company's corporate image.


A standard card size is 55mm x 90mm, but Snap offer Business Cards in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Think horizontal, square cut, curved edges, traditional, mini, or maxi sizes. Yes, of course, you can order the most popular size (55 x 90mm), but distinctive business cards are becoming very popular and might stand out more than something more classic. Unusual cards can hold their own, with striking fonts and colours, and some have die cuts or special finishes to set them off.


Maybe you like the thought of having your name embossed? All you have to do is ask. Snap always ensure that business card text is easily readable, and that the card is properly trimmed to ensure it fits where it's tailored to be stored. 


Snap say, “By the way...don't forget to put your company's primary message on the back of your business card. Blank space is wasted space”, so for more information on business cards Auckland,  web design Auckland, brochure design and offset printing Auckland please go to .