LJ Hooker Provides Individuals a Guide to Property Investing

Thursday 6 June 2019, 4:43PM
By Beckie Wright

LJ Hooker, one of the most trusted experts in property investment NZ has to offer has released a guide to property investing. The company has provided individuals who are new to property investing a 9-step guide to assist them through the important process.

This guide will enable individuals to have an idea of what processes they need to undergo, and determine which people to run to when it comes to managing their investment properties.  LJ Hooker starts with advising potential investors on how to first review their personal cash flow and budgets. This will determine whether an individual can afford the cash flow impact of owning an investment property.

When clients have studied and organised their cash flow, the next step is to talk to LJ Hooker Home Loans in order to determine the amount they can loan and the corresponding interest rates they need to pay for the loan. The company advises clients to get pre-approval for an amount so that they can search properties based on a pre-determined spending amount.

The guide also involves setting goals. LJ Hooker recommends interested property investors to consider listing their short and long-term goals in order to clarify what they need to achieve through their investments. The next step is to understand the tax implications of buying the investment property, which will require clients to talk to their respective accountants.

LJ Hooker also emphasizes the importance of enlisting the services of a conveyancer or solicitor to help with handling the purchase process on the client’s behalf. LJ Hooker Conveyancing is available in NSW, VIC, ACT and WA. They are experts in understanding the requirements of property purchases and sales. The next step delves into clients creating a property evaluation model, which enables them to assess potential investment properties and whether or not, the property is aligned with their criteria and goals.

Clients can talk to a local LJ Hooker agent and find out about the local markets, as well as what investment properties can maximise their capital and rental. Clients also have the option to work with a property manager that will cost approximately 7-10% of one’s total rental income to help them in managing their property investment.

LJ Hooker is a renowned authority on real estate in New Zealand, and advises individuals who are keen to invest in property to seek out professional advice. To learn more, visit the LJ Hooker website at