LJ Hooker Property Management Promises Clients Best Possible Returns

Thursday 6 June 2019, 4:46PM
By Beckie Wright

A reliable real estate agent needs to be true to the promises they make to their clients, and LJ Hooker Property Management is assuring clients just that. With a team of professional and experienced property managers, the company makes sure that clients are able to receive the best returns possible, as well as exceptional customer service.

Catering to clients both overseas and in Australia, LJ Hooker Property Management can help property investors or landlords make the most out of their real estate investment. LJ Hooker’s property managers offer a mix of investment and property management expertise to address property-related concerns on the client’s behalf.

Among the benefits of collaborating with the LJ Hooker team is that clients are sure to receive high-quality tenants. Their property managers have extensive experience in screening tenants – from doing reference checks to reviewing their rental history. The property managers of LJ Hookers also serve as a buffer between property owner and tenant; dealing with problems such as late payments through to damaged property, while maintaining the peace-of-mind of property owners with professional aplomb.

When issues regarding the property arise, tenants can come to the property managers right away. This gives owners more freedom to make use of their time, reduce their stress levels, and decrease tenant turnover. LJ Hooker’s property managers can also manage property owners’ legislative requirements that need to be updated from time to time, saving landlords’ time and money in the long term.

In summary, LJ Hooker helps property owners manage their assets and take care of the tenants so that, in the end, landlords or property owners can maximise their investments.  By engaging with an LJ Hooker property manager when buying a house in New Zealand, property owners can reduce the chance of having a vacant property, thereby lowering their risk of lost income.

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