Bathrooms in Auckland Win the Day With Their Five-Year Workmanship Warranty

Tuesday 25 June 2019, 6:01PM
By Beckie Wright

When you are researching where to go to get your bathroom renovated, or for a complete new bathroom, you shouldn’t go past Bathrooms in Auckland, not least for their amazing workmanship warranty – five years! As they say, people are often unclear about what their rights are when it comes to warranties, particularly for renovations, but Bathrooms in Auckland are very clear about their warranties, and have you well protected.

You are covered of course by Consumers Guarantee Act, and all work done by your contractors will be carried out in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations. Similarly, all work will be done in an appropriate and skillful way,

as specified in plans and specifications, where they’re supplied. Products and materials used or supplied will be good and suitable for the purpose for which they’re used, and will be new.

Bathrooms in Auckland Five-year warranty relates to building, plumbing, plastering, painting and tiling labour work, which means that they guarantee the work for five years from the date of completion. You will also be supplied with certificates where required for electrical, waterproofing and gas-fitting. The workmanship warranty does not cover product as these are covered as below.

All products supplied by Bathrooms in Auckland carry a warranty carried by the supplier. These warranties vary with the products and will be outlined in your personal warranty, and exclude products not supplied by Bathrooms in Auckland. They also provide protection from damage to third party property

Bathrooms in Auckland will at its election, pursuant to its obligations under the suppliers’ Warranty arrange for the product supplier to repair or replace the defective product or part. Product warranties do not cover labour, removal and installation costs. Any costs incurred to remove faulty products and install replacements will be at the cost of the home owner. The Warranty applies only when the product is still in its original installation location, and for more information on bathroom design Auckland, bathroom renovations East Auckland and disabled toilet layouts please go to .