Some Top Maintenance Tips From Mist NZ

Wednesday 26 June 2019, 8:34PM
By Beckie Wright

No matter where you vape New Zealand-wide, proper care and maintenance of your vaporiser is essential for sustained vaping excellence. This goes for vaping novices and sage vape masters alike. But do you know how to properly clean and maintain your vaporiser?

Whether you’ve been vaping for a week or a decade, you may not yet have mastered the art of proper vaporiser care. But fear not! Mist is here to provide you with some maintenance advice to make sure you get the best vaping experience every time you switch on. 

E-liquids leave behind a bit of residue, so cleaning your vape tank regularly is the best and most obvious way to ensure that get the best flavour out of your vaporiser. This residue can attract dust which will bog down your atomiser but – importantly - it can also leave behind traces of its flavour. Anyone who’s ever picked up the essence of their old passionfruit e-liquid after switching to peanut butter will understand how frustrating and off-putting that sensation can be.

The reality is, while it is possible to clean your replaceable vaporiser coils, doing so is difficult and doesn’t dramatically increase the life of your coils. This is particularly true of replaceable coils. Replacing your coils regularly is more effective and practical, as you will have to do so anyway (This is why Mist offers a variety of coils, among other Vpdam products).

Keeping your vaporiser clean means getting more vape for your buck, so for more information on e-liquids New Zealand, vape juice NZ and nicotine vape juice NZ please go to .

Breaking news! Mist NZ have released a salts and nicotine salt e-liquid range. These e-liquids will be suitable for all refillable pod devices, and they are a lot smoother in comparison to the typical freebase nicotine. However, they are  true believers in safety so will be limiting the max amount to of nicotine to 12mg.