Bins R Us Launches Hazibag to Help Clean Up Asbestos

Friday 28 June 2019, 5:22PM
By Beckie Wright

Bins R Us recently launched a new product which could change the way Auckland handles asbestos. The Hazibag is new bag that securely deals with hazardous materials, asbestos included. The company has started supplying them in 1 and 1.5 metre sizes. Prices are set at $420.00 for the 1 cubic metre bag, and $600.00 for the 1.5 cubic metre bag. These prices reflect GST, as well as delivery, collection, and disposal of the bags.

Bins R Us have stated that they have always offered steel bins for asbestos removal – in 3m and 4.5m sizes – but many customers do not need the full volume of these bins, which have a minimum price of $875.44.

Asbestos removal can be an expensive process, so the company hopes that providing the Hazibag, will help customers afford the procedure. Also, the bags will ideally help those who only have small amounts of asbestos to remove.

The bags are proven to be safe and fully contained – there is no chance of asbestos escaping once they have been properly sealed. They can be placed directly on collection vehicles for transport. Hazibag is also suited to other hazardous waste including all “packing group III” solid dangerous goods.

The bags are made from grade 5 polypropylene with 200-micron liner. They are fully sealable, with lockable top. Hazibag is extremely easy to use, perfect for contaminated equipment, and UV rated. They come in very bold colours, so they are clear and identifiable if ever dug up.

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