Gems Educational Childcare Provides the Best Environment For Their Tamariki

Friday 28 June 2019, 8:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Last year the Nest Lake Hayes Estate Head Teacher, Marianne Beer and her team had the dream of providing indoor climbing equipment, where children could discover a variety of challenges in their indoor space. During cold winter months indoor climbing discovery allows children to move and engage regardless of what the weather gods are throwing about outside.

So, over the course of a weekend, with the help of Marianne’s husband, Paul, a full set of climbing equipment was crafted. The Gems love of all things natural is at the forefront of these bespoke pieces. Utilising untreated chemical free wood, each piece was finished with great care and attention to detail, and sharp corners and edges were sanded back so little fingers and toes encounter the smooth tactile warmth of wood. Paul also sourced beeswax from a local supplier to seal the set in local natural goodness.

This equipment is more than a selection of climbing equipment pieces for the children in The Nest, it is a testament to a teams dream of providing the best environment to nurture their tamarikis’ needs, and a testament to the skills and generosity of Paul Beer whom they are immensely thankful for.

It is also a reflection of the Gems Community which everyone is a part of, where the whanau of their team and the whanau of their tamariki  come together to create a community, so to find out more about forest schools Queenstown, daycare and childcare jobs please visit the website at .