Multifunctional Telehandlers for a Wide Range of Tasks

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:13PM
By Beckie Wright

When it comes to heavy-duty equipment, APS Equipment has clients covered. From tractors to telehandler for sale and for hire, the company has it all. APS offers a wide range of heavy-lift and rotating telehandlers that meet the specific requirements of different clients.

Extremely versatile machines, clients can take advantage of rotating telehandlers on job sites especially in construction, public works, and industrial projects. They offer more use than forklifts and with modular attachments, rotating telehandlers can sport buckets, crane winches, work platforms, and other tools. These type of telehandlers can rotate 360 degrees and the machine can remain stationary while the cab and telescopic boom rotate around the axis for easy maneuverability. In addition, the mechanism allows operators to reach hard-to-reach-places.

It has six hydraulic functions which include boom lift up & down, boom extend & retract, fork tilt up & down, stabilisers up & down, steering, and frame levelling. A multifunctional equipment, rotating telehandlers can cater to a wide range of tasks. With the right attachment, operators can easily turn it into a lift truck, tractor, or crane, proving their versatility.

Telehandlers have wide off-road tyres that make them suitable to use on any terrain especially in the agricultural sector when it is used in the field or in the stables of the farm. Their high load capacity is also a benefit as it is able to lift heavy loads with a stable stance.

APS has a range of MAGNI rotating telehandlers that have a lifting capacity of 4 to 13 tons and a lift height of 18 to 46 metres. The SMART series features pivoting stabiliser legs and are very compact when closed. They do not protrude from the machine outline or affect the machine clearance.

The SH Series have scissor stabiliser legs that guarantee perfect grip on any kind of ground. They do not require much space to stabilize and the load charts can automatically calculate the safe lifting load on all 360deg.

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