Auckland Physiotherapy on the Benefits of Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:17PM
By Beckie Wright


Auckland Physiotherapy runs down the benefits of physiotherapy following surgery. The company specialises in physiotherapy techniques which are designed to reduce pain, repair injuries, and increase mobility.

People undergoing operations can benefit from physiotherapy before and after surgery. Research has shown that physiotherapy before surgery prepares the body and allows for a quicker recovery. Following surgery physiotherapy serves as post-operative rehabilitation for the body to recuperate from the operation. Individuals who have had spine surgery, hip & knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, shoulder surgery, and foot & ankle surgery, can benefit greatly from physiotherapy. It can particularly help with circulation, strengthening, reducing pain and improving movement and function.

Patients are given a range of treatments that are tailored to their specific needs. This includes a personalized electronic exercise programme to ensure exercises are done correctly and regularly.

Physiotherapy can restore normal movement and build up strength in the joint and muscles allowing the body to function at its best. Treatment may also involve some “hands-on” techniques such as trigger point release, manual therapy or manipulation, acupuncture or dry needling and Clinical Pilates.

The company prides themselves in delivering the highest quality of care for their patients. The physiotherapists at Auckland Physiotherapy make sure that patients are well looked after and are supported throughout their journey. They monitor patient progress with specific physical tests so that successful management, treatment, and accurate diagnosis can be achieved.

All physiotherapists have studied a minimum of 5.5 years and have extensive knowledge on how to diagnose, manage and treat a large range of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Senior physiotherapists at Auckland Physiotherapy have also undergone post-graduate training so patients are ensured that they are in good hands. If you have a more complex and complicated problems they also have Masters qualified physiotherapists who have additional musculoskeletal training to diagnose and manage these problems. Their passion is helping people to identify the best options for managing their individual situation, so the physiotherapists work closely with other health professionals including doctors, pain specialists and radiologists to achieve the best outcomes, and can refer to a specialist whenever necessary.

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