Greenlion Become a Platinum Partner with Xero

Friday 28 June 2019, 11:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Greenlion have just become a Platinum Partner with Xero.  This Partnership acknowledges the commitment and importance Greenlion places on effective and efficient systems.

As a Platinum Partner Greenlion receives a discount off the recommend retail price for Xero software. Greenlion passes this discount on to their clients.

Greenlion also offers cashbook versions of the software to their clients. This software is only available through an accountant.  Cashbook software is appropriate for clients who need to record transactions efficiently through bank feeds but don’t need an invoicing function.

Xero has enabled Greenlion to take their services to the next level, and the real time data and reduced costs allow them to deliver a higher quality service at a lower cost. Their team are Xero experts, not just because they have close to 1000 clients on Xero but because they have been part of the Xero journey since the beginning. As a member of the Xero Partner Council they are part of the team shaping Xero’s future.

Greenlion’s work with Xero has also provided many benefits to their clients, including reduced costs and greater efficiencies through automation. Their App advisory work with add-on applications takes these benefits to the next level, so for more information on accounting firms Auckland, business consultants,  tax accountants and Xero bookkeeping please go to .