All You Need To Know About Radius Care

Monday 1 July 2019, 10:35AM
By Beckie Wright

Radius Care is a specialist health and aged care provider for elderly and disabled New Zealanders, providing quality rest home and private hospital care for people who require help in their daily lives. They cover the full range of accommodation and care options, from rest home and hospital level care right through to dementia, respite and palliative. The following are the levels of care offered at Radius.

Hospital level care is provided for those residents who have a significant disability and/or medical concerns. Expert assistance is delivered by a team of professionally trained doctors and nurses, 24 hours a day, and covers all aspects of personal care from medication and pain management to ongoing emotional support.

Short-term stays, or respite care services, are available to those who are unwell (eg, recovering from an illness or hospital stay) or who simply are in need of extra support. Whether it's for a couple days or a few of weeks, it allows the usual carer to take a break and gives the patient a refreshing change of scene. Many of their patients say it feels like a real holiday for them.

For residents with dementia Radius offer specifically targeted services, specialist staff and secure environments to ensure maximum wellbeing and safety at all times, maintaining the best possible quality of life, in a calming, comfortable and safe setting takes priority.

Radius Care’s rest homes cater to those who are mostly independent but may require some assistance with personal care and general day-to-day activities. At this level residents tend to be active, engaged and able, and enjoy taking part in community life.

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