A Successful Client Case Study from SHARE

Monday 1 July 2019, 12:17PM
By Beckie Wright

Mather Nicholson Insurance Brokers Ltd trading as SHARE based in Wellington were recently successful in getting a better outcome for their client. Their client is a professional woman aged 55 years who had renal cancer in 1993. Despite her Dr/Specialist saying she had no more chance of getting cancer again than anyone else, insurers repeatedly gave her a cancer exclusion on her trauma cover.

Mather Nicholson attempted every year to review, given how long ago the cancer was, and this year they have finally been succesful. They decided to not only ask the existing insurer to review yet again, but also went out to another insurer to see if they could get a better outcome, and finally they did.

The other insurer offered cancer with an exclusion for renal solid tumour only, and the point here is to never give up on trying to get a better outcome for your client.  They are all delighted and needless to say so is she.

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