Endless Metals an Industry Leader for New Zealand Tradie Scrap

Monday 1 July 2019, 1:07PM
By Beckie Wright

Endless Metals are industry leaders for all types of scrap metal in New Zealand. With extensive knowledge on various scrap metals across all industries, Endless Metals is proud to serve as a haven for tradie scrap metals from jobsites.

Offering top prices on all metals in New Zealand based on the London Precious Metals Exchange, Endless Metals provide friendly, expert service to tradies recycling numerous jobsite metals, including brass fittings, copper cable, piping, and spouting, gutters, hand tools, hot water cylinders, roofing steel, switchgear, taps and faucets, and wiring.

With extensive knowledge of even obscure jobsite metals, Endless Metals can sort, separate, and assign value to many other items of recyclable metals not listed, with only a few exceptions regarding corrosive, explosive, or hazardous materials and pressurised containers.

With four convenient locations scattered across New Zealand’s North Island, Endless Metals plays a leading role in Kiwis’ pursuit of a world without unnecessary waste. Appreciating the value of all metals, Endless Metals is committed to lowering materials costs for New Zealand industry and keeping reusable waste out of New Zealand landfills.

Metals can almost always be given a second life with proper care and a commitment to recycled materials. The benefits of holistic scrap yards like Endless Metals can be felt throughout New Zealand’s economy. With an unparalleled standard of service, the staff at Endless Metals are committed to helping all Kiwis realise their ambitions of a cleaner, more prosperous New Zealand.

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