Proper Pizza Partners w ith Zomato Gold for an Exclusive Customer Experience

Monday 1 July 2019, 8:16PM
By Beckie Wright

For those who aren’t on the Zomato Gold train, you better jump on quick because it’s full of dealsthat are not to be missed.Basically, it’sa food reviewing app for mobilethat’s been around foryears. They first released their Gold feature in March this year, and it has taken the food industry bystorm.

Zomato Gold is a paid feature within the app, which allows users to become VIP members, andreceive a whole heap of discounts at some of Auckland’s best eateries and bars. Users can go to anypartnered establishment, and receive 1 free meal or 2 free drinks, depending on the option theestablishment has elected to run.

At Proper Pizza, Zomato Gold members are able to get 1 freesmallpizza with any pizza purchasedtodine in at their Chancery restaurant.This is a great deal as their pizzas are excellent quality, gourmetpizzas. It also givespeoplethe opportunity to try more than one of their huge range of excitingflavours.

Proper Pizza is excited to be able to use this new platform to gain a new customer base. Using thisplatform in particular means thatpeople in Auckland who love good food will get to discover ProperPizza if they haven’t already!

Proper Pizza believes that developing relationships and working with valuable partners within thefood industry is a great way to build asolid community of foodies in Auckland and drive higherquality food establishments across the city.Plus, it’s always a good feeling to be able to offer adiscount to people who appreciate food.

For more information about Proper Pizza-including their store location and menu,visit theirwebsite at