Evidence Based Counselling to Aid Couples in Fostering Healthy Relationships

Monday 8 July 2019, 1:26PM
By Beckie Wright

Couples who are struggling to keep their relationship intact, or those who are finding obstacles difficult to overcome are encouraged to seek relationship counselling.

Andrew Winchester is a certified EFT-C (Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples) and an experienced therapist providing counselling services for couples and families since 2006, and for individuals for over 20 years. He studied accountancy, but later on pursued his passion for social work and counselling. With his extensive experience, he was able to spearhead his own company to help people who are in need of counselling services. In 2018, he was the only one of three male counsellors in the country to achieve an EFT certification with the International Centre of Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Andrew Winchester can help individuals or couples who are in toxic relationships; those which are compromised by anxiety, depression, stress, anger, or addictions. He provides support for struggling couples via the latest science of attachment theory in his practice. The process allows him to answer age-old questions such as “What is love, and why does it matter so much?” From there, he tackles deeper relationship issues which may be roadblocks in the path of a relationship’s growth.

His evidence-based approach is what makes his counselling a thought-provoking process. This approach allows couples to understand not only how to save their relationships, but how to build trust, and determine what a true, healthy relationship looks like. He uses an innovative roadmap for clinical practice, and applies internationally-proven intervention techniques. The process allows toxic relationships to transform into relationships in which couples understand their own emotions, how to manage and deal with them, and help them navigate their own relationships in healthy ways.

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