Custom Fabricated Gates From Prestige Doors & Gates Well Worth the Extra Cost

Monday 22 July 2019, 5:41PM
By Beckie Wright

Investing in a durable electric gate for your home provides several benefits you may not be aware of and actually saves you money in the long run. When it comes to custom made gates, many homeowners make the assumption that they’re an unnecessary added cost. After all, the entrance to your home needs to be practical above all else, and at first glance your gates don’t need to do much – they just let you in and out.

If you are considering a custom made gate for your home, and if you’re building or renovating a home you intend to sell, investing in custom fabrication is investing in an important asset. After all, your gate is the very first thing someone sees when they arrive at your home – it’s a fundamental part of your first impression.

Having a unique gate is also an opportunity for you to fully take ownership of a home. If you’re not planning on selling any time soon, helping design the gate yourself can give your property a true sense of identity, letting everyone know exactly what you want them to know, right from the moment they arrive. Beyond being artful statement pieces, and a chance to improve the value of your property, a custom electric gate is a more practical option in many ways.

Aluminium-framed gates are long-lasting, and this saves you on repairs and replacements, and the lack of maintenance requirements can give you peace of mind to focus on the other upkeep requirements for your home. However, the biggest reason to choose custom electric gates is their superior security. In addition to setting a tone of detail and professionalism, they can deter would-be burglars by look alone. Of course, they also deter intruders by actually being the best defence against breaking and entering, but most of the time, the presentation is all it really takes.

If you’re interested in custom gate manufacture, the team at Prestige Doors and Gates can help. As the experts on custom driveways gate installation Auckland-wide, they’ve got the experience and knowledge to answer any question you might have, so for more information on custom made garage doors, garage door installation and custom gate manufacture please go to .