AIA Vitality in New Zealand

Monday 5 August 2019, 9:41AM


LifeCovered are excited to announce the bringing together of NZ's previous largest life insurer Sovereign and AIA with launch on Monday 5th August of AIA Living and AIA Vitality

AIA Living has been designed to deliver outstanding customer value, particularly when combined with AIA Vitality. 

AIA Vitality is an award-winning health and wellbeing program designed to support clients to take a journey to better health.


About AIA

AIA Group is the largest life insurance company in the world*, with a presence in 18 markets across
Asia Pacific. AIA New Zealand Limited (NZ) is part of the AIA Group and has been providing insurance to New Zealanders since 1981.

As a company with 100 years of history, AIA's mission is to make New Zealand one of the healthiest
and most protected nations in the world. We strive to help our customers live healthier, longer,
better lives by encouraging them to make positive lifestyle changes one small step at a time.

AIA has a strong, competitive market offering of personal and business insurance products
designed for the Kiwi lifestyle.

As an AIA customer you can sign up for our scientifically-backed health and wellbeing program, AIA Vitality, so you can earn rewards while improving your health.
We’re also here when you need it most, allowing you to focus on getting back to your ‘healthy’. We
look for ways to make the claims process as simple and transparent as possible and assist with the
coordination of a rehabilitation program should you need one. Our commitment is to not just be
there for our customers someday, but every day.
*AIA Group is the world’s largest life insurer company by market capitalisation. Source: Bloomberg, 17 June 2019.