Roof Auckland Talk About Re-using Roof Waste

Wednesday 14 August 2019, 6:45PM
By Beckie Wright

Roof Auckland are very aware of the waste that can be engendered during a re-roofing project, and are conscious of the need to re-use and recycle wherever possible. The good news is that many building materials can be reused or recycled, and The BRANZ REBRI website has a recycling directory to help locate recycling and waste, clay and concrete roof tiles, metal wall and roof claddings; PVC and metal etc

Product design and materials selection, manufacturing specifications and methods, packaging and delivery, and the instructions on product use and installation all contribute to the waste on building sites, so you need to select building materials and products that reduce waste such as materials that are salvaged/reclaimed and have a high recycled content. Also, materials that can be re-used or recycled, are durable, low maintenance and will last for the life span of the building.

If you are serious about recycling, you should look for suppliers who have waste minimisation/environmental plans or credentials, and who recycle waste product back into new product, or use materials from other waste streams. You should also plan for reducing wastage to half or less of the typical New Zealand waste figures. By doing this, you reduce your product orders and will give staff an incentive to use resources more efficiently, since there is not a plentiful amount of supplies available.

You can also develop a procurement/purchasing policy so that manufacturers and suppliers are aware of your exact requirements. This can help to avoid over-packaging goods or unnecessary packaging, and when ordering materials, double check they are consistent with the dimensions required for the job.

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