Williams Corporation Completes Apartment Project in Christchurch

Monday 2 September 2019, 7:46PM
By Beckie Wright

Residential property developer Williams Corporation has completed another apartment complex. Their project located at 420 Hagley Avenue, Christchurch consists of 39 one bedroom units and was completed this month.

The apartment complex is near the iconic Hagley Park, near to amenities such as Christchurch Women's Hospital and the heart of Christchurch CBD. The beautiful site has two buildings predominantly northwest facing overlooking Hagley Park. Located behind a row of cherry blossoms, Block A is made up of 30 apartments and Block B with 9. The apartment is a stunning location for investors and owner-occupiers.

Brand new apartments and townhouses are a great option for first home buyers. Williams Corporation believes that for those who are trying to get their foot on the first rung of the property ladder affordability is a big factor. Those who do not have a large deposit or a high income can find apartments budget friendly. New townhouses and apartments are usually very affordable, particularly in Christchurch. It is possible to find a brand new apartment for under $400,000 – a 20 per cent deposit for such a home would only be $80,000.

 New buildings, particularly apartments and townhouses, usually involve far lower ongoing costs than older properties. These lower costs make it easier to own the first home, leaving more money for mortgage repayments. When buying a brand new townhouse or apartment from a reputable developer, it will be built and designed to a high standard, using quality materials. 

Williams Corporation have been working on property development and investment in Auckland and Christchurch. Their well-built townhouses and apartments are the future of New Zealand housing and a desirable solution to the housing crisis. Williams Corporation sees both Auckland and Christchurch as world-class cities with exceptional value.   

Christchurch is a great location for property investment for several reasons: it’s extremely affordable with a median price around half that of Auckland’s and there’s also huge potential for growth, with new developments constantly springing up in and around the much-improved city centre.

Christchurch is fast turning into one of New Zealand’s most modern and liveable cities with brand new commercial and residential developments popping up all over the region. That means brand new high quality homes to live in and new premises for businesses including restaurants, bars and cafes. Plus the city council has set an ambitious goal to almost quadruple the city centre population to 20,000 by 2024. If the council succeeds, or even gets close, demand for inner city homes could increase along with their asking prices.

Williams Corporation also regularly hosts events for investors. They are hosting an open evening for home buyers who are looking to take their first steps in the property market. Williams Corporation has been trading successfully for nine years. Their managing directors, Matthew Horncastle and Blair Chappell are passionate about helping Kiwis take their first steps in the property ladder and in the area of residential housing.

The free first home buyers function is on the August 28th at the Rydges in Auckland. The event starts at 6pm with drinks, nibbles and networking. At this event they will cover the current economic climate, reasons to buy property, key things to look out for, finance and more.

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