Endless Metals Brings Home the Bacon from Brainy Breakfast

Tuesday 3 September 2019, 2:25PM
By Beckie Wright

Endless Metals, a proud scrap metal services provider in the Auckland area, made the most of a recent meeting of local business leaders, sharing stories of innovation and market breakthroughs at the Marketing Association’s Brainy Breakfast.

The popular breakfast event series, hosted by the Marketing Association in Auckland, is intended to expose local business leaders to a range of core marketing competencies and disciplines from marketing organisations and professionals. The event has been running regularly since 2002. Through industry expertise and knowledge, the hosts of Brainy Breakfast hope to educate and inspire attendees through stores of success, leadership, and thoughtful marketing practices. Marketing Association works hard to ensure the event remains relevant and timely.

Hosted on 24 July at Auckland’s Crowne Plaza, Brainy Breakfast featured Greig Brebner, the Design Director for BLUNT Umbrellas. Brebner shared his story of success, identifying an industry that had grown complacent seeking cost-cutting shortcuts rather than helpful product innovation. Brebner’s improved umbrella design has proven a breakout success in New Zealand and beyond, having transformed the umbrella from a cheap utility to a quality fashion accessory. The event also featured presentations from Oliver Sealy of Augusto and David Libeau of Helloworld Travel.

Endless Metals has identified strongly with this message, having devoted their business endeavours in the New Zealand scrap metal market to change how Kiwis think about their recycled metals. Their fresh and thoughtful approach to the full recycling process, from scrap metal collection to pricing and customer experience, is helping to transform an industry mired in outdated thinking.

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