Tier 4 Offering Leading Firewall and Cyber-Security Solutions for New Zealand Businesses

Tuesday 3 September 2019, 7:20PM
By Beckie Wright

Given the crucial significance of information technology for any New Zealand business, Tier 4 has made a priority of premium quality firewall and cyber-security services. With a heavy reliance on information technology, businesses must constantly ensure that their data and systems are safe from both external and internal threats. Tier 4 is dedicated to making sure that a company’s data is accessible only to the appropriate people, secure while also as accurate and easy to access as possible. Tier 4 provides both anti-virus and firewall programs.

Because spam, ransomware, and array of malicious programs can have a devastating effect on any business, Tier 4’s full cyber-security suite combines anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware to provide the greatest possible protection for business information. These comprehensive solutions leave no stone unturned protecting businesses from data threats.

With extensive network firewall monitoring, Tier 4 can locate and isolate cyber-security threats before they have the chance to cripple a business’s productivity. Tier 4 specifically tailors their firewall protection to meet the distinct demands of each business. These preventative measures are cost effective, securing a business’s workflow and avoiding costly data recovery procedures.

With specialist computer engineers spanning all principle information technology disciplines, Tier 4 has a proven record delivering results for New Zealand businesses. Their dedicated remote service desk is resolution focused and committed to customer satisfaction. New Zealand owned and operated, Tier 4 understands that every business is unique and is dedicated to developing new solutions to each IT challenge.

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