Proquip Introduces Blue Evolution S+: the World's Most Advanced Steam & Vacuum Cleaner

Wednesday 4 September 2019, 5:37PM
By Beckie Wright

Blue Evolution S+ from Proquip is a product of Italy, and is the world’s most advanced steam and vacuum cleaner with 8 bar of steam pressure. Its non-tracking large castor wheels and compact dimensions make the  Blue Evolution S+ steam cleaner the ideal machine to sanitise commercial surfaces and work environments with agility and convenience.

The S+ ensures effective sanitation with its constant 8 bar pressure and is supplied with a very comprehensive kit of accessories to enable cleaning of many different surfaces. The integrated Ultraviolet lamp in the machine presents a strong germicidal action by eliminating germs and bacteria. The vacuum exhaust is therefore expelling clean air with no airborne bacteria.

The S+ provides 8 bar of constant steam pressure, castors with directional lock and brakes, UVC lamp with germicidal effect, steam and vacuum cleaning with hot water module, control panel with alerts and tile and grout cleaning.

With 170 degree steam and hot water injection functions, the S+ machine can tackle the toughest of dirt that has built up on your tiles or in the grout lines. It is also very effective in cleaning all stainless steel surfaces, fixtures and equipment with its high powered steam and suction system. The S+ steam system can draw out dirt that has impregnated itself into upholstery, and is supplied with both narrow and wide extraction tools depending on your requirements.

Through the commonly used ATP surface testing process, the S+ machine is proven to achieve the highest levels of sanitisation. The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of Adenosine Triphosphate on selected surfaces, and Proquip can demonstrate this onsite.

Most surfaces and fixtures can be cleaned with the S+ machine. The Steam and hot water function will remove tough dirt buildups and provide sanitisation to surfaces. this greatly reduces the chances of bacteria transferring between people. The S+ steam cleaner can clean deeply into carpet and pull out dirt that has built up over a long time. Due to the heat generated, not only does it break down the toughest dirt, it also greatly reduces drying time.

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