Success in the scaffolding game.

Saturday 14 September 2019, 12:46PM
By Don Creative


Residential Scaffolding & Light Commercial Scaffolding  Auckland will never be the same again.


National Scaffolding NZ specialize in scaffolding, temporary fencing and shrink wrapping for residential and light commercial projects in the Auckland and West Greater Auckland area.  In particular but not limited to home construction sites and renovations.


Owner Dean Murray started the business after sending requests for quotations on several of his investment properties. Unfortunately, these requests were often unanswered leaving Dean frustrated and unable to book the services required.

“It seemed to hard, and I figured there must be more people out there like me”. So Dean did what many had talked about but few had done prior and launched New Zealand’s newest Scaffolding Hire Company.

Now employing over 10 full time staff and having tripled their scaffolding stock in the last year alone things have gone from strength to strength for the Kiwi team.

Having a background in investing Dean often left his projects to be run by other’s but this one is his baby “It’s been a real pleasure to watch the team step up to the challenge” said Mr Murray.

Starting a new company is never easy and starting a new company in an industry that changes monthly due to safety regulations would be considered madness by some. But Dean and his ream embrace it.

To learn more about NSNZ you can see more here at their website

Recent changes in health and safety regulations state that Scaffolding or Roof Edge Protection for all commercial and residential construction projects in New Zealand. But you can save yourself time and the risk of heft fines by dealing with Auckland’s safety specialists.


Our staffing and equipment resources are not spread thin by being used in large commercial and industrial projects. This means we can deliver a prompt turn around for these services at an affordable cost so you can get started on your project sooner.


Whether it’s scaffolding, temporary fencing or shrink wrapping you require, we strive to complete the job on time and ensure everything meets the highest safety standards.