More Reasons to Work with LD Construction

Wednesday 2 October 2019, 1:27PM
By Beckie Wright

Choosing who to work with when building one’s home can be a tough decision. And now, homeowners will be able to make an easier verdict as one the finest builders Auckland residents have worked with is offering complimentary gifts to their clients.

LD Construction will provide clients with a professional clean of one’s completed home; leaving it flawless and ready to use when the keys are handed over. The building company will also provide their clients with a free session with a professional colour consultant to ensure they get exactly what they have envisioned for their home renovation.

As trusted builders, LD Construction always aims to display high-quality work combining professionalism and commitment. They practice progressive building methods and innovative design and building processes to provide clients with a home of the highest quality and standard.

More than just providing clients with complimentary gifts to complete their new beautiful homes, there are numerous reasons why LD Construction is the ideal option to build your homes: They are qualified builders who can carry out any building work including those classified as restricted building works. They prioritise safety for their staff, sub-trades, and homeowners. They only use carefully selected materials and work with credible suppliers and sub-trades. They practise a code of conduct and ethics and promise to deliver projects on time. They take every opportunity to improve the project by reviewing timelines and thinking forward to avoid complications. Lastly, they treat their clients’ homes and their surroundings with respect; maintaining a clean and well-presented site.

This is to ensure that clients will have a stress-free journey while LD Construction builds their future homes. Potential clients who want to work with the company can request a free design to build consultation with LD Construction’s Managing Director, Luke Dickinson.

To learn more, visit the LD Construction website at